me, you, and MSU

Since I’d already visited my roommate Julie’s hometown in Ohio over the summer, it was time for her to brace herself for a weekend in GP with the Vyletels. After a solid four weeks of classes, Loyola gives students a fall break. Julie and I don’t have Friday classes, so that meant our break lasted from Friday to Tuesday. And then we’d only have class the following Wednesday and Thursday before another three-day weekend. Mom and Dad: I promise I’m actually getting an education here. Continue Reading

buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks

Determined to show my friend Kaytie the warmer, sunnier side of Grosse Pointe (the last time she visited was in the dead of winter right before I left for Rome), the two of us made plans to visit my family in the 313 over Labor Day.

There were so many more places I had to take Kaytie now that she was visiting in warmer weather: we hit up the Village, Lakeshore, CCD and GPYC pools, and even Comerica Park. Continue Reading

lovin you easy

My taste in music is all over the place: I like listening to Amy Winehouse, Thomas Rhett, G-Eazy, X Ambassadors, Sia, and Lana Del Rey. It really just depends on what I’m doing (cooking, driving, or riding the train downtown) and my mood. No matter what I’m doing or the mood I’m in, though, country music seems to fit the bill. For my birthday, some of my friends got all of us tickets to see Zac Brown Band at the new Wrigley stadium, and I was over-the-top excited! Continue Reading

the sunshine state

While things were winding down with my internship, I was also making plans to visit my grandparents in sunny Florida! They are always so generous to offer their place up for me to come visit, and finally it worked out. I happened to have enough flyer miles to earn a ticket to Ft. Meyers, and a few free days before school started. As a bonus, I arrived on my grandma’s birthday and got to celebrate with her. Not bad for an end-of-summer farewell. Continue Reading

batter and berries

My roommate Julie isn’t the biggest fan of breakfast food, but since it is my favorite meal of all time, we compromised and went to brunch. I made sure to choose a place neither of us had been to and a place that offered lunch food as well. You know, for my breakfast-hating friend. I don’t hold it against her too seriously. Usually. Continue Reading

food and festivals

When I told people I’d be staying in Chicago this summer, one thing everyone went on and on about was going to summer festivals. Even though I’m pretty busy with my internship during the week, I have made a conscious effort to capitalize on free weekends in the city. One of my good friends from back home (we actually met in middle school!) came to stay with me for a weekend, and we went to a few festivals one Saturday. My friend Benita, who I met in Rome, invited us to the Art Fair in Old Town and then the Lakeview Rib Fest. Continue Reading

training and hello fresh

Starting my internship was beyond exciting. Driving there with tons of traffic was not. Thank goodness for XM radio, especially The Highway. When I arrived at the office embarrassingly early, there was only one other girl sitting in the lobby. She was obviously another intern, and the first of 12 to arrive. We introduced ourselves and made small talk, then awkwardly waited for 8:30 to roll around. One by one, the other interns filed in. Continue Reading

the calm before the storm

I gave myself a solid week in Chicago to get things done before I had to pack up and move. I also wanted to enjoy the sunshine and see friends before spending all day in an office. Long walks along Lakeshore, cooking, going out for sushi, reading by the lake, and treating myself to Metropolis coffee–I’d say I spent my time well. Unfortunately, a few of those days were spent mostly indoors due to the rain (at least my new rain boots don’t leak!), and when I tried to leave to go to the gym, a car sped through a puddle and soaked me from head to toe. Continue Reading